Assisted Pro Se Program


Legal Aid could not do the work it does without its generous volunteers. We have two major programs which can benefit from your help.

Lawyer of the Day

This is a hotline service facilitated by Legal Aid and the Utah District Courts Self-Help Center. This is a great opportunity for volunteer attorneys to offer their time without ever having to travel. Self-Help keeps your direct phone number on record. We never release it to the public. Self-Help then screens the call to match the caller's question with your area of expertise. Have a free hour when we can forward you calls? Set up a standing appointment with the coordinator. Giving pro bono hours has never been easier! Click the button below to sign up today.

Want to refer a friend? You can give them our Lawyer of the Day flyer!

Pro Se Calendars

The Utah District Courts are expanding their Pro Se services, most notably is the "Pro Se Calendar," on which clerks schedule family law matters which have one or both parties represented pro se. Volunteer attorneys arrive at the time of the calendar and volunteer their morning representing the Pro Se litigant on a limited appearance basis. Once the Commissioner makes their Recommendation, you can walk away from the case. We will even prepare the order for you. This is the pure practice of law. Contact the coordinator to see what opportunities exist in your area!

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