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Lawyer of the Day

Opportunities for Attorneys and Legal Professionals

How It Works

Volunteers make themselves available to give legal advice over the phone during a scheduled time.


The Lawyer of the Day program is the result of a close partnership between the Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake and the Utah State Courts’ Self-Help Center (SHC). The SHC receives calls from people with legal questions (most of whom are unrepresented), providing information about legal procedures and court forms. If the caller needs legal advice, the SHC will route the call to your private cell or desk number. We never release your phone number to the public.

This opportunity is the perfect way to give pro bono hours while never leaving the office, or while you are on-the-go. Fill out the short Google Form below and the coordinator with Legal Aid will be in touch with you!

Present Need

While we never turn away a volunteer, the Lawyer of the Day program presently needs the most help with the following:



Morning shifts from 11:00 am to noon

Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 3:00 to 5:00


We are also extremely appreciative of anyone who is willing to accept appointments during their shift. 


Areas of Law:

Family law
Debt Collection



Sign Up For Lawyer of the Day

Are you an attorney and want to volunteer a time slot? Click "Sign Up" below to be directed to our Google Form.

Know someone who might be interested? You can give them our

Lawyer of the Day flyer!

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