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 Required Documents for Divorce and Parentage (Custody) Cases

The following documents must be submitted with your application for Legal Aid representation for your Divorce or Parentage (Custody) case. You should gather these as soon as possible, as to not delay your processing time.


We can accept these documents as a PDF, fax, or a hard copy by mail or hand-delivery to our 960 s Main St, Salt Lake City, office.

Please note that we cannot accept cell phone pictures of your documents.

Do not submit original copies. All documentation received is destroyed.  


Copy of your income tax returns or income tax transcripts for the last two years (or) verification from the IRS that you did not file in a given year. You may obtain this information by visiting the

IRS Get Transcript Page.

Copy of your pay stubs for the last year, beginning with your most recent employer. You may need to contact the HR Department of your current or former employer(s) to obtain this information.

Copy of bank statements of all your accounts for the last three months. You may need to contact your bank for these records.

Copy of all government benefit statements: TANF (welfare), SSI, SSDI, Social Security. You may need to contact the benefit provider for these records.

Proof of income documentation for all people in your household over the age of 18. This includes pay stubs.

Copy of Medicaid cards for you and your children.

Copies of any legal papers that apply to your case (a paternity order, a child support order, a protective order, or any other legal documents).

Copy of your Social Security card.

Color copy of your drivers license.

Signed cover letter (if you are using the paper application).

Financial Declaration (included in your application--be sure that your income matches your expenses, and do not leave any lines blank!).

If you are a US citizen, provide a copy of your birth certificate, passport, or citizenship documents. If you are not a US Citizen, but have legal status, please provide documentation such as a permanent resident visa, work visa, student visa, U visa, T visa, etc.. If you have applied to adjust your residency status, you must provide a copy of the filed application. US Citizenship is NOT a prerequisite for service. If you are not a citizen nor have legal status, you may still be eligible and are encouraged to apply.

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